Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Walk Through the Walls

I just downloaded Walk Through the Walls by Jonathan David Helser. It's disc 2 of a project that started out to be just one album, but as Helser himself describes, "we had only planned on tracking one album, but Jesus hijacked our plan with His dream. When we thought the songs were coming to an end, Jesus walked through the walls of the studio and we realized the songs were just beginning. The songs that we thought would only last a few minutes turned into fifteen minute experiences."

After receiving disc 1, The Reward, last year from Helser's producer, Elijah Mosely, I immediately knew there was something different about this guy--something real--something intangible that echoes the very heart of God on every track. There are some moments on both CDs where I've found myself having to hold back the tears because it's obvious that the presence of God was so thick in that studio, a thickness that somehow translates through iPod buds.

If you're looking for another Hillsong "Take it All" caffeinated worship experience, you might be disappointed. But if you're looking for passionate cries, beautifully crafted melodies, unique acoustic instrumentation, and just plain heart-felt worship, you won't be sorry.