Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beyond All Measure

My awesome friend, Wes McMurray just wrote a book called Beyond All Measure. And without even having read it, I can tell you that you're going to want to add this one to your library. I'm stoked to read it. Wes is an extremely gifted communicator and teacher of God's Word, and without question has written a masterpiece of a book for the Christian life.

Wes and I have been friends since our days at Southeastern Seminary where we met in a small ethics class where he and I, both clad with tight band t's, chucks, and Dickie's book satchels, stood out like sore thumbs among a room full of Baptist Polo pretty-boys. Thus began our back-row friendship that has now blossomed into a full-on ministry partnership. Just two months ago, we teamed up to lead a winter retreat at The Master's Inn in Altavista, VA, where Wes single-handedly stunned a room full of high school and middle school students with his uncanny ability to capture and hold their attention with random humor, incredible biblical insight and exposition, and, lest we forget, his insanely-impressive stupid human tricks.

Wes will be having a book signing on April 18 at the Joyful Noise on Franklin Blvd. in Gastonia, NC. You won't be sorry for carving out time that day to attend, buy a copy of his book to help support their amazing family of four, and get your copy signed. I love supporting local artists and authors, especially ones who have devoted their lives to Jesus Christ and to proclaiming the Gospel. Wes is that guy.