Thursday, February 26, 2009

Macon Waves

The past few days have been really exciting. We just returned yesterday from Macon, GA where we've been ministering. Sunday morning we led worship for the student ministries of Ingleside Baptist Church. We took the band with us--Andy Cherry, Tim Morrison, and Terrance Key. These guys were awesome and in spite of Andy coming down with strep throat Saturday night and all of them functioning on very little sleep, they did a fantastic job. We led 2 worship sets, one at 9:30 for middle school and one at 11:00 for high school. Bill Stanley was the guest speaker and did a phenomenal job. During the 9:30 worship service the fire alarm went off just as we were about to take the stage (something that has never happened in the 2 years that my buddy Fred Broome has been the middle school pastor there)! We finally got back in and had to cut the set short, but it all ended up well. The morning was pitched as a camp preview weekend, sort of a teaser I guess you could say, since we'll also be leading worship for Ingleside's summer camp in a few months. And in spite of the chaos of the fire alarm incident, a ton of kids signed up for camp.

The band headed back Sunday afternoon, but Tasha and I and the kids stayed for a few extra days to chill with Fred and Lindsey Broome and then to lead their college group on Tuesday night. We led worship and then I preached a message from Psalm 51 called "What God Desires"--a message about brokenness. I felt pretty good about the night. A really cool highlight was hanging out with the college students afterward and meeting a handful of guys who are all worship leaders in various contexts. We talked for awhile and I encouraged them to continue doing what they're doing--sharing the Gospel through word and song. It was a cool moment standing there with them in a circle and realizing that this group of young artists very possibly could be the next group to shake middle Georgia with the Gospel and make waves for the kingdom of God. In that moment, I realized again why we do what we do and why I love it so much.