Friday, December 19, 2008

Flashback Friday: Questron

Anyone remember this? The Questron electronic pen and workbooks--one of my all-time favorite Christmas presents as a kid. You would simply depress the pen's tip on the multiple choice questions to see if you answered correctly. An incorrect answer led to the red-light of death followed by the beeping noise of doom. A correct answer employed the green light of glee and the more pleasant affirming beep of glory. Many of my life's limited hours on this earth were spent enthralled with these workbooks. Most of the books began with "My First ..." My favorite was, "My First Exhaustive Systematic Theology for Second-Graders."


jim thompson said...

questron... are you kidding me. questron was the money ball back in the day. if you weren't down with questron back in the 80s, you were a nobody.

Anonymous said...

I was driving down the interstate today and had the radio on Spirit FM. A beautiful rendition of "O, Come Let Us Adore Him" came on and I found myself hearing a very familiar voice. I listened for another second and then I was positive (the DJ later confirmed) that it was you! I ALWAYS knew I'd be listening to the radio one day and there you'd be, and that day was today.
I took a shot and "Googled" you and here you are. I read a little of your blogs as well as your wife's (I also found Jenn and Jeremiah, a pleasant surprise). What a beautiful family you have. Your wife sounds like an amazing wife and mother, not to mention talented musician. You both are such wonderful examples of the kinds of parents and mates God wants us to be. Well done, you!

Bobbie Grant (Smith)