Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Medicine

Here's what's in my ipod right now: John Mark McMillan's "The Medicine." Wow! One blogger I found described John Mark's music as, "The Counting Crows meets Bruce Springsteen, Rich Mullins, Mark Heard, Mark Knopler, Derek Webb and Keith Green at a bar out west in the desert. And after a long night, they end up singing worship songs together." I couldn't agree more. The depth and honesty of McMillan's lyrics speak to the fact that he's a typical guy living out the Christian life the best way he knows how, following Christ every step of the way, unafraid to ruffle feathers and present the Gospel through his ever-increasing creative juices. This is a great album. Check it out.

By the way, in case you're wondering "The Healing" is in no way a spin-off or subtle plaguerism of "The Medicine." It was purely coincidental. Since "The Medicine" was just released, hopefully the timing in relation to "The Healing" will speak for itself. That's the truth!


Tim said...

yeah, that's a great sound... was looking for something new to listen to, thanks!