Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today in Via History

Today is my Dad's birthday. He and my Mom and my sister, Joy, came in for the weekend and we celebrated he and Joy's birthdays together. Good times.

My Dad is my hero. He lives what he preaches in the pulpit. He's real. He's sincere. He's contagiously in love with Jesus. Everyone he meets sees that there's something different about him. As a college student, he was radically saved by Jesus and has not stopped sharing with people the incredible gospel of Christ that saved him, changed him and made him a totally new person.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be a follower of Christ today if it were not for the influence of my Dad. I saw that his relationship with Jesus was real and thriving, and I wanted the same in my life. I remember countless mornings when I would creep downstairs earlier than anyone else in the house and find him on his knees in prayer praising his Savior with old-school Hosanna worship cassette tapes playing in the background. Seeing him in those holy moments before God made such a huge impact on me. Thanks, Dad, for being the realest Christian I've ever met!


mike briles said...

WOW! Thanks for the insight of your dad. He has made a huge impact on people all over the world. I remember the first day I walked into RFBC in 1988, I had never heard anyone preach like that. He solidified my calling to ministry on that day! I will always look up to him as an example to follow! He was such an encouragement to me even my darkest of trials. Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday Rick!

Bobby Thomas said...

Word! Thank you Lord for your servant who so faithfully reflects you.