Saturday, July 11, 2009

Uganda Journal Entry #3

June 29

Finished up Day 5 of ministry. It was a really fruitful day. I was honored to pray with about four people who wanted to receive Christ going hut-to-hut and about five people in the medical clinic. In the morning, I was with the pastors and did a talk on discipleship from Titus 2:6-8. I've really enjoyed hanging out with these godly men. I'm overwhelmed with the amount of need, though. So many of them have approached me with needs. Charles Tiondi, one of Godfrey's assistant pastors at Bukayah Baptist Church, needs 60,000 shillings (about $30) to fix his motor bike and 130,000 for a sewing machine for his wife to begin a sewing business from their home. These are just a few examples. So much need everywhere. I can't do it all, but there are some things I can help with. I just need wisdom.